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Love on 116th


“Love on 116th” is a story about three 20’s best friends from high society Shanghai chasing their dreams of success and love in New York City. The main character, Min, 23, who is from relatively poor backgrounds than his two best friends, will find that the success of the American dream will come at an enormous price of choosing between riches and true love.


Love on 116th will be a new immigrant story for the new generation of Chinese young people. Much like “Beijingnese in New York” which tells the dreams and thoughts of an entire generation of the 1990’s. Our film will strive to identify with the new wave of Chinese young immigrants moving to America as students and young professionals. The film will reflect a change of power and feeling about Chinese immigrants that is both current and will be the trend in the coming decade: That immigrants from China are no longer poor, young people now move to America with big money to spend. And America is afraid of China in the wake of their own economic crisis and news of major Chinese takeover of American companies. The balance of power has certainly changed.

However, at the heart of the “American Dream”, it is about the freedom to become who you desire to be. And this is still why thousands of young people flock to New York each year, to find out who they really are and want to be, and of course, to fall in love.

Our film will be an exciting adaptation of the much loved Beijingnese in New York story but with a much younger and sexier take on what it means to be an Chinese immigrant living in New York. The film will show the way China is seen around the world and also give a window for the millions of middle aged Chinese parents considering sending their child abroad to study. This will be a real depiction of what it is like to be a Chinese immigrant living in New York in 2012.

We have gathered an exciting new team of filmmakers to be participating in this film and we look forward to your support in helping us bring “Love in 116th” to the big screen.