Logan: We are Goats – Manhattan Goats

NYIFH screening: Sorry I love you

The production team of Sorry I Love You joined New York Independent Film Highland (NYIFH) in Columbia University. This event was a great success!



With only six months to live, due to a bullet in his head which could not have been surgically taken out, Walker decided to leave Vancouver , where he grew up, and  go back to China to look for his biological parents and twin sister (Jule). He was adopted by a Canadian couple when he was very little, so he had almost no memory from his early childhood. Walker knew that he probably didn’t have enough time to find any one of them, but everything changed when he ran into the girl (Encai) who he’d saved from a few street thugs several months back in Vancouver. When Walker finally found out the identity of his birth mother (Hui) and stood in front of her giant luxious mansion, he suddenly felt that his whole life had been a punch line of a practical joke. He could not understand nor forgive for what Hui had done to him, and only God knows how his sister’s life must have been at the moment. In order to revenge his mother for her ruthlessness, Walker accepted the offer to be Trey’s (Hui’s adopted son) limo driver in order to get closer. At the same time he found himself helplessly fell in love with Encai, and the closer two heart grew, the harder for Walker to tell her the truth about his dying situation. With limited time to live for, Walker had to quickly make a decision of which heart he could allow and forgive himself to hurt.