Logan: We are Goats – Manhattan Goats

NYIFH Screening: drifting in los angeles


This is a documentary about Hollywood fantasy and film school reality. It follows four aspirational young Chinese students enrolled in different MFA film programs in Los Angeles, sharing their experience as an alien ethnic minority in the centre of the world's most competitive and discriminatory industry.




Also screening:


Stream of Consciousness | 飘零的意识 (Animation; 1 min)


Delysid | 致幻 (Music Video; 4 mins)


Trailer of Caihong City (Director Liu’s first feature; 2 min)


An independent sci-fi film about the rainbow-colored adventures of a dying Chinese genius, a crazy homeless Russian and a depressed Romanian prostitute through the disease-infested slums of Caihong City.


Director’s Intro:


Zhāo Lewis Liú earned his MFA in the Film and Video Production program at The University of Iowa. He joined the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for TV broadcasting at the Beijing Shooting Venue. He then worked for China Central Television (CCTV) as a journalist and editor before he came to Iowa City in 2009. Lewis graduated with his BA in Broadcast Journalism at the communication University of China. With credits in narrative, documentary, and experimental animation, Lewis identifies himself as an avant-pop filmmaker. He recently won a best actor award at the Mid-Atlantic Chinese Film Festival.