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NYIFH Screening: City of Dreams

City of Dreams is a 20 min short film based on a real story. It tells the story of two Chinese students who were shot April.11,2012.

Cinematographer: Gordon Yu

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in New York City, became fascinated with cinema at a young age. I started my career as lighting technician and camera operator, and my versatile background and knowledge in filmmaking helped me make the transition in becoming an in-demand cinematographer. I have already established outstanding credibility in commercials, music videos, and independent films. My talents and unique style bring a refreshing approach to visual storytelling.

My work “Here, Too” was nominated for Best Cinematography at The Chinese Film Festival. In 2012, the short film “Home”, where I served as Director of Photography, won both Best Fiction at the CUNY Asian American Film Festival and The Ledo Matteroli Award for Best Immigrant Story at the 45th Humboldt Film Festival. In addition, the short film Mama’s Heart was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography at the 25th Annual Brooklyn College Film Festival.