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NYIFH Screening: 漂 FLOATING - documentary about a young illegal worker



This is about dream and courage. Wei Yucong, who came to America illegally, he doesn't know any English,but works in a Chinese restaurant to strive for living. Wei Yucong will show you the true lives of Chinese illegal immigrants.


Director: Annan Qiu

Producer: Luo Han

Executive Producer: Beiyi He




Wei Yuchong, the main character, one of 500,000 Fuzhou people living in New York. He came to United States in 2011 through south America, and crossed the border between Mexico and Texas State. Now he is working in a Chinese restaurant in Syracuse, NY. Without language skill and legal identity, Wei Yucong can only work in those Chinese restaurants, even he don't want to just be a cook in his 20's. 

Wei Yucong's parents passed away when he was a kid, but his new life in America didn't make him feel like he belongs to this country. Without a real friend and family in United States, loneliness and disappointment had tested his choice to come to America.

Wei Yucong has to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Beside work, his life is so simple. He goes to church in New York City every weekend, because his attorney says to be a Catholic is the only way to get an legal identity in United States. After months, before to get a green card, he gets his work permits, which means he has the chance to change his job. He has been trying lots of employment agencies in Chinatown. But things is not what he expect, all he can find is only working in restaurants.

Home means a lot to Wei Yucong since his parens died. Finding a right city to settle down and building a real family is what he want. No matter how hard it is, this is his choice and he will keep walking.