Logan: We are Goats – Manhattan Goats

NYIFH Screening: Dark Humor at Easter Night

Short Films: 

That’s how it goes (15’)

Panic Button (16’)


Guest Director: Juan Huang 


Uncover the hidden logic and production tricks of black comedy for you!


Still Panic Button

Film Intro:

That’s how it goes is about relationship between couples, black humor, bit freaky. With library - the most familiar place to the students - as the site, Panic Button is a black comedy. It’s aimed to cause tensions as well as laughs. 


Director Juan Huang was graduated from Ohio University, MFA Film Program. Her works have been submitted to several international film festivals and entered the finalist. Her latest work Panic Button has received acclaims in Athens Intl. Film & Video Festival and might be submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to be nominated for an Oscar.